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We need your help! Collectively as a group we can work together to collect, research and archive Canadian Model A materials. If you have original items or information that you would like to donate or sell, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Having met our primary goal to collect and improve the current Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards, we have decided to open our online library to the general public. Membership applications are no longer accepted and we do not maintain a membership roster.


Message Board: Feel free to submit a subject for discussion, list items for sale or request for that much needed rare part! Please keep content as much as possible, directed to Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South Africa vehicles, parts, literature, etc. Canadian produced vehicles and parts would include those which were exported to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaya and India.

Library: The library and its materials are available for research purposes only. Please do not copy, print or reproduce this material!


  • Canadian Vehicles: Photographing original vehicles for future reference. This material will become invaluable for restoring vehicles in the future. If you have an original Canadian vehicle, we would appreciate photo's for posting and archiving.
  • Canadian Made Parts: We are collecting, photographing and documenting original "Canadian" made parts.
  • Research on suppliers to Ford of Canada, such as "Eureka Planter, Dominion Forge, Canadian Motor Lamp, etc."


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