"1929 Sport Roadster"


Service Letter, dated August 24, 1929 announcing the new "Sport Roadster".




Advertisement from the Australian May 1929 issue of the "Fordoner" magazine. Note Right hand drive, no wind wings, different style rear luggage rack then the Canadian version produced for use within Canada.

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29 Sport Rdster

Front & side view. Notice the color of the wheels! Also, notice the driver seat back, appears smooth with no pleats. Windshield frame appears painted, not plated. Date on license plate is 1929. This picture comes from Rick Jones's personal collection.

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29 sprdstr side

Driver side view. Obviously a picture of another "Sport Roadster". Notice the full front and rear bumpers. Also, the "Trunk Rack" is quite visible in this shot. Wheels appear dark color or black.

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Driver side/rear view. Unfortunately the picture is somewhat poor quality, however one can make out most of the details.

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